DB Training Solutions Professional Services

DB Training Solutions have been operating since 2010 and is based from over 30 years’ experience in law enforcement.

We are able to offer bespoke training for your needs ranging from safeguarding to effective communication as well as specialising in unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV or Drone) training.

What We Do

Professional Training Services

DB Training Solutions recognises you need a safe, reliable, competent and highly skilled workforce. We can offer professional training services for staff – ranging from effective communication to aerial photography.

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Thinking of Buying a Drone?

Book Drone Training

I offer short introductory lessons for new drone users that will help you to both fly safely and teach you the basics of controlling your expensive drone to avoid early accidents.

If you want to become an approved commercial drone operator, I can supply you with the necessary theory training and help you develop an operations manual to meet the legal requirements.

Working in conjunction with my partners, 3iC, I offer bespoke training to fit with your requirements in obtaining a General Visual Line of Sight Certificate (GVC) and/or A2 Certificate of Competence (A2 CofC)